Bluejay Concrete Ltd is locally owned and operates in the beautiful North Okanagan, and now servicing both Alberta and Saskatchewan. Having logged thousands of hours completing projects for developers and homeowners alike, Bluejay Concrete Ltd has obtained the experience and knowledge necessary to complete your job confidently and professionally.

Consider a stamped concrete floor for your basement or a custom engraved and stained work of art for the grand entrance of your home. Change the look of the landscape of your yard using one of our 14 different stamp patterns or by combining any number of patterns to compliment your residence.


With the ability to stain, engrave, and stamp, our customers have an array of options when planning their projects. Refinishing is not just reserved for wood, concrete too can be rejuvenated and restored to resemble its original state or it can be dramatically changed using engraving techniques and stains with no limit on style, design, or color.

Bluejay Concrete Ltd focuses on details making quality their first priority. Our Staff travelled as far as Florida, Colorado, and Nevada and has networked with professionals from as far as Dubai to obtain specialized training in decorative concrete.


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